Get In On The "Fix and Flip" Market

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Get In On The "Fix and Flip" Market


 ♦ Order a dumpster for the next ten days and get your demolition man to throw out everything including the kitchen sink. In other words, clear the decks, or if you're more "hands-on", then YOU can be the demo person! 


♦ After the house is cleared of debris, it’s time to patch and paint. Let your painters blast the place with their airless paint-spraying arsenal inside and out. Within three days, you’ll have added a huge improvement to your investment. This is the biggest dollar-for-dollar return you can make. Make sure that quality paint is used. “When it comes to painting,” Dan Auito, author of “Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days,” says, “it’s the labor that kills you, not the material. If possible, insist on Sherwin Williams Super Paint. It is a miracle-type formula that covers up bullet holes without any patching compound and it lasts forever. It’s worth every penny; insist on it.” You may also want to consider having the floors (if they're not hardwoods and will be carpeted or tiled) to get a good coat of primer or Kilz to keep odors from previous pets and dander. 


♦ After the painters leave, the flooring guys can lay tile and carpet, which will take two to three days. Consider LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring which comes in an array of colors, styles and patterns and can also be quite affordable and gives the potential buyer something other than carpet everywhere and can be easier to maintain. 


♦ Next bring in the cabinet installers and the plumber. Consider under cabinet lighting and solid surface counters like granite , quartz or composite like Corian®.


♦ Last comes light fixtures, vanities, toilets, sinks, doors, switch plates and outlet covers. Brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze are hot finishes right now. Also consider having a "Show Piece" for a chandelier, or glass pendant lights over the kitchen island to add some pizzazz. 

♦ The last step is to call your favorite Realtor® to list and sell the home and collect your profits!